Classroom Guidelines

Helpful tip: 

During class, the best thing you can do for your child is be a positive, engaging, and patient role model. They will likely follow your lead until they are familiar with their new teacher and peers. During class, they first may take on a more observant role, but later perform their new activity at home where they are more comfortable. The understanding and consistency of the parent in class and at home will help facilitate their learning and growth. You and your child will benefit tremendously by using your home materials together. Frequent reinforcements throughout the week will have a positive impact on the level of comfort they have in class and provide optimal growth musically, socially, and emotionally. 

  • Before class:

    • Plan to arrive at least 5 minutes early (no sooner than 15 minutes) to allow time for your child to settle in

    • Class will begin on time, so if possible, avoid being late. However, when it does occur, please come in quietly. 

  • Participation:

    • Remember your participation is the key ingredient to a successful class. Your child will be sensitive to the adults around them, so try and refrain from talking during class. 

  • Cell phones:

    • pictures and videos may be taken during class but be mindful that some parents prefer their child be off of social media. So please check first before posting anything online as waivers have been signed.

  • What to bring:

    • No snacks or drinks during class with the exception of water or bottles for babies. 

  • What to wear

    • Comfortable clothes should be worn as we do a lot of moving around. Adults may wear socks but we prefer the babies and children to be barefoot.

      • Here is an article about why barefoot is best

  • Sickness:

    • For children and parents both, it is a good rule to be fever free for 24 hours before coming to class. Also, it is common for a child to have a runny (clear) nose when teething. However, if the nose is congested with anything other than white mucus, or has a cough, please stay home as we don't want to get the other families sick. 

      • Remember you can come to any class to do a make up and your make ups do not expire. However, there are no refunds given for missed or cancelled classes. 

  • Disruptive behavior:

    • Children make lots of noise. It is expected and encouraged. We call this vocalizing. However, if your child becomes really upset or distracted, you may be asked to step out for a quick hug and to come back in when they are ready.

  • Children with special needs:

    • We ask that you talk to your teacher before class to learn about how we can make any accommodations that may be needed.

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